What is Votick ?

A web application based on secured servers that enables anyone to hold votes and polls in a really mobile way. You simply create an account, you log in and so define your questions/answers. That’s all ! Then, you invite your participants, run the votes and publish results. No installation or operator required . Compatible with any browser or device as PC, Mac, tablet , mobile or smartphone. Designed to be simple and practical Votick can be activated in at least 2 clicks!

Why multichannel ?

Sms, Web and PowerPoint© are core technologies proposed by Votick to create and transmit  every votes. Soon, mobile Apps and e-mails connections will also be part of the proposed protocols. This integration is evident as now, because  everyone has a Smartphone or mobile which are permanently activated and virtually available everywhere! Furthermore, the SMS technology does not require to launch identified connections and remain covered by networks at all times, everywhere.

Other ?

Yes of course, one for instance, the system exploits the possibilities of two-way messaging thanks to  a session moderator console. This user-friendly interactive module is only available with Conference and Multiplex subscription. Additional  Votick unique features consists in  specific modules were created for an efficient contacts  management and in addition an particular  attention to  the graphics output formats (export files or graphical display, Flash animation) 

Why register ?

To effectively manage all your sessions, your contacts via your own project manager. Your registration also helps to provide  the accurate services available in your subscription and so during the appropriate period. It is also useful for sharing account with multiple admin/staff  and also centralize your overall communication relied to surveys projects. Finally, the registration allows especially to secure all your operations and their processes in your private system. Participants are not required to register to vote.

How does a poll ?

First, simply create the project description including sessions settings  and Q&A instances list. Then start voting session for (in real time) collecting and storing and displaying graphical results. Participants simply respond using their Mobile or being connected to a web interface running onto  any device.

Is participation limited ?

No, the major advantage with Votick is that the volume of participants (unlike our competitors)  is never taken into account.Practices: the system logs automatically on the fly  the first participant’s Sms. You can also perform registration by invitation or import lists (yours previous contacts). Communities as registered participants are now saved in the project bysession and will be reused at any time according to the related price plan which include the concept of data inheritance.

Are surveys, questions limited ?

If free plan is selected yes . But you can naturally always upgrade  the volume with  formula such Starter  or Conference and even unlimited capacity with Multiplex.

What kind of Q&A can be proposed ?

The application offers several types of  Q&A as follow:

  • Yes / No
  • Multiple choice
  • Preference, priority
  • Open
  • Segmentation, conditional
  • Scoring /cotation
  • Quiz

What is a “participant” ?

It is the voter, guest or spontaneous contact, he answers your questions and only his raw phone number is apart from others. However, in  private settings, he may have the following criteria:

  • Anonymous or identified
  • Individual or group
  • Internal or external (private or public survey)
  • Free or registered

What does it cost to me ?

There are a lot of free features allow to expressing all that intended voters involving acquaintances, colleagues, customers … For a successful professional activity, it is recommended to use extensions proposed with the paid versions. Using Votick solution seems  costing 10 times less compared to conventional systems radiofrequency (keypads) which must be added technician or operators charges. Mild monthly or annual billing (with discount) may be renewed or cancelled  at any time. Several secure payments options are available too.

How much it cost to my participants ?

A rule, Votick ignores Sms premium, just the cost of a local Sms is applied. And so in case operator’s package,  this means almost nothing to the user! However, just need to check  if Votick has local numbers in your country. In other hand, via the web, obviously it is free of charges!

Are there any codes ?

Yes, and they are essential for structuring items. We wanted to make it simple and convenient in accordance with a logic  Q&A session references. An prefixed code may be applied to better identify the answer. This information is permanently displayed in questions presentation slide frame during the show. A survey index of 4 characters allow direct access to the form via the web interface.

Can I customize my working environment ?

The free plan already offers an original & elegant interface but you may always custom with your own look & feel thanks to Entreprise affiliation plan. Such upgraded interface works also with branded graphical capabilities in the “results” and “reports” pages.

How to use the results?

Votick offers a range of opportunities to export different kind of  files, but also share the results on a wide range of media channels. Communication package can also be made via e-mail or Sms as “reply”.

Multiple export

  • Screenshots PNG,
  • PowerPoint© presentation,
  • Files XLS, CSV, PDF, XML …
  • Fixed charts, progressive charts (Flash ready)
  • Maps

Multiple shares:

  • Votick “Polls” platform
  • “Embedded” code for customer’s web site/ blog
  • Social networks publication (integration, links into Facebook, LinkedIn) (phase 2: Twitter, Google+, Viber, Skype)
  • Progressive charts, screens Flash animation
  • Custom URLs

How long does a vote?

Everything depends on the period  settings you have selected in the  Starter, Conference or Multiplex plan. As for reminder, a session can be either “one shot”, “periodic” or “permanent” (campaign). Note that data inheritance (sessions and participants) is used to retrieve, even after a subscription interruption, yours previous data when creating brand new projects.

About Privacy?

At the inception of his project, account  administrator may decide that  participants will be authenticated or anonymous. In the first case an alias concept (nickname) is used to authenticate without identifying. Participants express vote individually but can also be grouped. If “public” or “private” settings is selected, results can be (or not ) published onto the surveys panel VOTICK (public web). The collected data (answers, profiles, and possible identifications) are stored under the sole responsibility of the vote organizer and only with participants agreement and are registered and recorded as consent.