Session manager

Simply write your questions /answers in an intuitive interface

Configure sessions, create all kinds of criteria, structuring votes, specify answers, participants selection and manage rankings

Participants manager

Capture, invite, save and sort all your voters

Grouped by team or answer participants are classified by results. Structure also allows profiles to better target campaigns. The module provides an efficient communication and followed in both directions communities via multiple channels.

Votes dashboard

Post your polls  in a comprehensive and dynamic tab

Participants overview, validation, votes score with ergonomic screens

Message console

Operate with another communication channel

Interactivity guaranteed! Can receive or send live or deferred messages
from/to the audience. The moderator monitoring items for processing, review or display . And, no more microphone management!

Graphic editor

Display your results onto  an original graphic environment

Simple 2D histogram 3D galaxies supported by sound, music…

Reports generator

Generate, store and analyze your data in structured reports

From basic process to matching cross data

Integrated technologies

  • Multi-user account
  • Powerful communication with participants management
  • Capture or import contact lists
  • Easy Q&A session edition with multi-channel
  • Customizable GUI results
  • Saved and exported reports
  • Console for moderator
  • Segmentation, statistical analysis model
  • Permanent library statistics
  • Microsoft PPT Plug-in
  • Votes in periodic or permanent sessions
  • Private or public votes

Q & A extended functions

  • Multiple votes by participants
  • Design settings for questions /answers /results
  • Segmentation, grouping
  • Weighted voting
  • Anonymous participant/identified
  • Preference, priority choice
  • Open question, post
  • Scoring
  • Quiz

A small test often better than a long speech

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